Hi, I’m Chris the and I am the Nerd That Cooks, cooking and spending time around food in the kitchen is something I find really relaxing and this blog hopefully is something that gives you the same feelings.

Me standing in front of my kitchen the nerd that cooks

We are all busy with living and our jobs and I truly believe being in the kitchen making food and creating delicious meals and treats is a great way to chill out and de-stress.

I’ve always loved food and cooking and my first experiences came from helping my Granny baking fairy cakes when I was little. My Granny was a fantastic housewife to my Grandad and was always cooking or baking things for everyone. In fact, one of my earliest memories was her roast potatoes with her Sunday roasts, they were fantastic! She even used to make extra ones just for me, I must’ve eaten 30 of them every time we were there. It wasn’t always fantastic, she once bought us a Vienetta for dessert at Christmas and thought it needed defrosting so was sat out all day and just a melted mess. Her cooking is what inspired me to learn more in the kitchen and some 30 years later I am still trying to get my roast potatoes like she did them.

When I was at school I wanted to be either an architect or a chef, I ended up taking qualities of both of these careers and by using the logical skills needed for architecture with the creativity needed for a chef I became a digital designer. I’ve been working in this industry for over 15 years and I currently work as a UX designer for a remote company. I spend most of my day working at home with our dog Lily, she is a miniature Schnauzer.

I am a brand ambassador for Circulr Watches, if you want a 10% discount on any watch then just use the code: CHRISALLEN10 at checkout.

This website is a place for me to put my ideas together in recipe form for anyone that might want to try them as well as somewhere I can blog about food and my lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me directly or follow me on social media.

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